The inspiration for this website, “IamNOTsorry.com,” comes from the seemingly uncontrollable urge most people have to say the words “I’m sorry” to someone when they are given news commonly perceived as negative, disturbing or challenging.

Whether the offender is truly sorry, or just means it in an “I’m here for you” kind of way, the words can and do sting.

Such is the scenario we encountered upon receiving the news that our unborn child has Down Syndrome. As we began to share our news, the “I’m sorry,” “I’m SO sorry” and multiple variations of the phrase began pouring in. We can’t blame anyone, it’s the first words that come to mind for us too in most situations.

However, once you get past those two little words you start to analyze your options and determine if they are warranted to your scenario.

Statistics show that 90% of the global population choose to abort their unborn children upon receiving the news of Down Syndrome during prenatal screening phases. We have decided to join the 10% who did not.

We have decided to say “I am NOT sorry,” and to share our journey with the world as we educate ourselves along the way in preparation of the arrival of our newest addition to the family.

We are not delusional in thinking it’s going to be easy, but what in life that’s worth it is?

This website is meant to inspire and educate those who wish to join it, not pass judgement on those who have made the opposite decision of us. We hope that if you are here you will enjoy yourself and pass this site along to someone you know who can use it.

Living life with Down syndrome